Tales From The GingerBread House


Written by  Casey Abrams/Rune Westberg
Dogstubb (ASCAP)/Rune Westberg Music Publishing (BMI)

Casey Abrams-Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar; Quinton Zigler-Piano; Enrique Lara- Drums, Percussion; Zack Lodmer–Clarinet;  Jacob Scesney-Tenor Sax;  Haley Reinhart- BVox; Eric Avari -Tale-Teller

2     JUST ONE MORE TIME (These Eyes)
Written by Casey Abrams
Dogstubb (ASCAP)

Casey Abrams-Lead Vocals, Wurlitzer Keyboard, Bass, Guitar, Glockenspiel; Quinton Zigler – Organ; Enrique Lara – Drums, Percussion. Zack Lodmer – Bass Clarinet; Jacob Scesney – Soprano Sax

3     CAUGHT
Written  by Casey Abrams/Victoria Horn “Lady V”/Rob Kleiner
Dogstubb (ASCAP)/ Lady V Music Publishing Ltd (PRS/ASCAP)/BMG Platinum Songs, Songs From The Boardwalk, Extra Credit Music (BMI)
Casey Abrams-Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar; Quinton Zigler-Organ, Trombone; Enrique Lara-Drums; Zack Lodmer-Clarinet; Jacob Scesney-Tenor Sax

4      NEVER KNEW WHAT LOVE CAN DO (featuring Haley Reinhart)
Written by Casey Abrams/Bobby Hamrick
Dogstubb (ASCAP)/EMI April Music Inc., OWM Music and Chuckbod Music (ASCAP)
Casey Abrams-Lead Vocals, Guitar, Rhodes; Haley Reinhart–Vocals.  Bobby Hamrick-Bass, Background Vocals; Quinton Zigler–Trombone; Enrique Lara-Drums, Percussion;  Zack Lodmer– Clarinet; Jacob Scesney-Tenor Sax

Written by Casey Abrams,/Andrew Rose
Dogstubb (ASCAP)/Lola Lime Publishing (BMI), Reach Music Songs (BMI)
Casey Abrams-Lead Vocals, Bass, Dronetar, Whistling;  Haley Reinhart-BVox; Quinton Zigler– Organ; Taylor Tesler-Lead Guitar

Produced & Arranged by Casey Abrams
Production Engineering by Benjamin Soldate
Recorded at Heritage Studios, Los Angeles
Engineering, Mixing, Mastering by Miguel Lara

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